Brenda Saydak

The Dance Instructor

Here is an absolutely gorgeous painting of a Kitty dressed in the costume of the classic Kabuki play character, the Wisteria Maiden. The play portrays the spirit of the wisteria as a fashionable young girl, extravagantly dressed in a long sleeved kimono and obi with a distinctive wisteria pattern. She also carries a wisteria branch with which she poses as the dance begins. Miss Kitty is practicing her dance steps – with the help of a small critic! No scan will do these colors justice, when you tip the painting into the light the metallic pigments shine (you can see this a bit on the last photo). The background is mostly pure metallic gold, which gives it a cloisonne effect – very theatrical!

Painting measures 7 inches x 5 inches.

Wisteria Maiden

Fuji Musume


Copyright B. Saydak 2015

Fuji Musume Closeup


Copyright B. Saydak 2015

Tilted so you can see the effect of the metallic pigment.

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