Brenda Saydak

Phoenix Uchikake

Copyright B. Saydak 2015

Elegant courtesan cat

Original – TBA ┬áPrints – TBA

Here is an absolutely gorgeous painting of a Japanese courtesan kitty in the Ukiyoe style. Miss kitty wears a luxurious over robe with a phoenix and clouds pattern, over several colorful under robes. Her obi sports an abstract floral motif with a wisteria and koto bridge pattern on the lining. The paper lantern also has wisteria and an abstract feather crest. The painting was created with acrylic paints on Arches watercolor paper, and is finished off with a gloss medium varnish. I used pure metallic gold and silver pigments on the hair sticks, background pattern, and small details in the costume. No scan will do these colors justice, when you tip the painting into the light the metallic pigments shine (you can see this a bit on the last photo). The painting is surrounded by 1/4 inch of plain unpainted paper, to facilitate in framing.

Painting measures 7.5 inches x 5.25

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