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Edo Era Geisha Kitty

This painting is impossible to scan because of all the gold paint in the background. Trust me, it looks amazing in person – you can get an idea from this picture which is tilted a bit:


Here is an original acrylic painting, created as part of the 78 Tarot card project, depicting the tarot card “Judgement.” The symbolism of the card is pretty standard, although not so obvious if you are not familiar with Japanese culture (for example, the character on the sleeve of Miss Kitty’s kimono is “heaven,” part of the word for angel, or tenshi). The painting depicts an Edo Era geisha, playing her flute for her three naughty kittens in front of a gold lacquered screen. I have use pure gold and silver pigments for the screen, background and costume details, which don’t scan very well but trust me look amazing in person. Her kimono features a very fashionable black velvet collar, and a green shibori lining. Her black understated obi is given a pop of chic with a geometric and sakura patterned lining. The ornament on her hairpin is the character for mountain. Her three kittens have three different expressions – bemused, resigned, and defiant – all very cute!

The painting measures 9 x 5.5 inches, and is surrounded by 1/2 inch of unpainted paper to facilitate framing.

Price is $250 US, which includes insured shipping to Canada and the USA. Please contact me if you have any questions.

This painting was created as part of the 78 Tarot project, and was published as the Judgement card. 78 Tarot is a group of 78 artists who are collaborating on a very unique tarot deck, in the aim to bring individual artistic vision to their card. Each artist was assigned (or chose) a card and was given free reign to interpret it as they chose.  Sorry but the tarot card itself is not included – they are all sold out. This is a yearly collaboration and you can find out more about this year’s deck at their website:

Actual painting does NOT have copyright notice.

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