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Digital Artist and Illustrator

Hello and Welcome! I’m artist who lives with my son and partner David in Manitoba, Canada, which is smack-dab in the middle…



Calypso doesn’t really do much around here. She’s my first cat, and she’s the queen of the house. She’s 7 pounds…



Sesshoumaru is my supervisor, he keeps me on my toes during the day. Sessh is deaf, so he’s a pretty clingy…

About Me

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web. I’ve been drawing my whole life, and have always gravitated toward positive, happy subject matter. You won’t find the meaning of life or a diatribe against society in my work – if I put a smile on your face I feel my job is well done. I love animals, nature, and finding pleasure in the small things in life – a good cup of coffee, a walk in the woods or the sound of rain falling on the roof. I hope when you view my work it lifts your day and helps you feel the potential for joy that every day brings.

My medium of choice is acrylic paint – you just can’t beat acrylics for intense color. They also dry fast, so you  can’t dilly-dally around fiddling with your paint! I’ll let you in on a secret – great artists never make “mistakes,” instead they find opportunity to inject spontaneity into their work. How boring life would be if everything went to plan! After years of working with them, I think I have a pretty good handle on my acrylics – but they do tend to surprise me from time to time.

I draw a lot of inspiration from nature and my own cats, and like to inject a good helping of whimsy into everything to do. I also harbor a major love affair with Asian culture, especially Japanese, stemming from my teenage years when my father worked as a gardener for the Japanese ambassador in my city. He used to bring home small treasures, exotic delicacies, and stories that gave me insights into what seemed at the time exotic worlds. These days I am semi fluent in Japanese, and fairly expert in kimono culture, and I like to show my love of the culture in my Japanese inspired artwork. I hope that you enjoy them too!

I wish you joy, happiness and peace in all that you do~


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